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We'd Like You to Join Us!


We can always use new actors! We'd love to have you audition for one of our plays—no experience is necessary, just the desire to express yourself.

And WRCT is more than just acting. For every person we have onstage, we need 2 behind the scenes making things work! Without our crews, there are no plays. It's how we keep COMMUNITY THEATRE going. And if you give it a try you realize it's a lot of FUN, too! Just like acting! Call 715-421-0435 if you are interested.

Click here to view our 2017 volunteer schedule.

Click here to email us your name and email address, and tell us how you'd like to volunteer.

(Or, fill out our volunteer form and email it to us.)


WRCT is looking for a Production Manager

A job description is listed below. If you are interested, please send a resumé and cover letter to Ellen Roeseler at edwrct@wctc.net by August 11, 2017. Interviews will begin shortly afterward. Please contact Ellen at the office (715-421-0425) with any questions. Thank you for your interest!

Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel may be interested.



Position Title: Production Manager

Reports to:  Executive Director

Level:  Volunteer-based position with honorarium

Commitment:  12 month commitment with honorarium paid at the end of each quarter. The position is renewable each fiscal year at the discretion of the Executive Director, based upon evaluations from directors and others the Production Manager has worked with

Position Description:
The Production Manager generally is responsible for budgeting, scheduling work, and coordinating the various production departments. Production Departments include Sets, Lights, Sound, Props, Costumes, and Hair/Makeup. The Production Manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the production are completed within budget, according to the designer's and director's wishes, and in time for the first public performance. He or she oversees the cost effectiveness and planning of the entire production process. The Production Manager will hold this position for all WRCT activities to include:

  • Main season production
  • Youth productions (as needed)
  • Silver Foxes productions
  • Rentals and special performance
  • Fundraising events

Responsibilities may include any or all of the following:

  • Meet with directors 3 months prior to auditions to discuss production options and make needed changes or recommendations to budget, and periodically after that according to the director’s needs
  • Form production team for each project, contacting crew heads and members as needed
  • Act as technical manager and contact for facility rentals
  • Conduct periodic technical training sessions for those interested and newcomers
  • Recruit and train new volunteers – or arrange for others to do the training – and conduct an organizational orientation as needed
  • In general, assure costs are within budgeted amount
  • Maintain contact list of all crew heads and give to Stage Manager
  • Complete crew listing for program and give to Executive Director
  • Assure all production work is completed on time and within budget, according to the Artistic Director’s vision
  • Attend rehearsals as needed
  • Collect any unpaid invoices and give to the Executive Director
  • Inform the Executive Director or Facility Committee of any equipment malfunctions or needs
  • Coordinate and direct strike, assuring theatre is ready for next production or rental. The Production Manager is the “director” of set strike. It is his/her responsibility to assure all WRCT property is returned to a pre-production state, all borrowed items are returned in the condition they were received, and all receipts are in. Please refer to a strike checklist for complete details.

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is committed to a fantastic end product and able to inspire others to volunteer. The ability to set and meet deadlines is key, as well as maintaining a positive approach during highly stressful times. Flexibility and adaptability in dealing with changes and alternatives is expected in live theatre, and the ability to deal effectively with all types of personalities is important. Knowledge of theatre technical and production needs and WRCT’s in particular is necessary. Prior experience working as a Production Manager is highly desirable.

Other qualifications include:

  • Excellent communication skills. This person must be willing to initiate contact and make follow ups with new and veteran volunteers, as well as being highly responsive to each director’s needs.
  • Must be available to meet during the day or off-rehearsal times as needed
  • Must be available on an on-call basis to handle no-shows or emergencies

Honorarium: Total of $5000 per year, to be paid in quarterly increments of $1250.


Contact the WRCT office to learn more about each of these fun backstage jobs!


There's a lot of areas where we could use your talents. We are looking for people to serve on Special Committees that include:

  • Hospitality/Concession Sales—Be the first to greet patrons as they come to the theater. Set up and serve beverages and cookies prior to the show and during intermission. Help sell any retail items available at the time.
  • Usher—Hand out programs, take tickets, or show people to their seats. Make sure the theater is in tip-top shape when you leave. This fun job includes a seat in the audience for most of the show!
  • Custodial—Sweeping, vacuuming, light cleaning – these things are needed periodically in everyone’s house. Generally, the theater must be cleaned before performances, and all-round custodial work is needed at all times.
  • Program Ad Sales—If you are more interested in the business side of things, we could use your help in selling program ads. Materials and schedules are available.
  • Event Preparation and Planning—Special events need special plans, and if you’re the creative type, we’re looking for you. WRCT participates in many special events throughout the year, and we could use your help.
  • Facility Maintenance—like to help with painting, sorting supplies and playing with tools? Here’s the job for you.
  • Studio Theatre—The Studio is the place for unique performances, like the WRCT Stage Hams Improv Group—or for meetings, receptions, play readings, etc. If you have ideas for the Studio or would like to host an event of your own, let us know.
  • Memorial—Organize the designation of memorials for people that others have known and loved.

We are also looking for people willing to help with the following Administrative tasks:

  • Database Management—If you like data entry and maintenance, here’s the job for you. Knowledge of Excel is required.
  • Graphic Design— Creative on the computer? We can use your skills to help with posters, programs, and other special needs.
  • Ticket Sales— Volunteers are needed at certain times of the season for ticket sales. If you're not afraid of computers, we can teach you this wonderful, easy program.
  • Office Volunteer—Answer phones, greet visitors, and just generally keep the place running when Cory and/or Ellen are not able to be there.
  • Miscellaneous Office Projects—Sometimes you just need a few extra hands. This could be anything from filing to typing to stuffing envelopes, you name it. Short term projects available here.


Click HERE to download the WRCT Volunteer Form
(This Word document has form fields that allow you to type your information.)

Simply save the form to your desktop
and do one of the following:

Complete the electronic form, save it, and email it to WRCT@wctc.net
Complete the electronic form, print it, and mail it, or
Print the form and fill it out by hand. Then send your completed form to:

Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre, Inc.
220 3rd Ave. South, Suite 6
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495

To find out more, call the WRCT Office at 715-421-0435,
or write us at WRCT@wctc.net.