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Ticket Information



Buying WRCT tickets is fast and convenient!
You don't have to wait until right before a production to get your tickets. Either send in your order form for season tickets, or simply stop at the WRCT office during our business hours! Can't make it during the day? Just call the WRCT office to reserve your tickets, and Cory will be happy to help you!

Looking for a great gift?
Call or stop down to our office to pick some up!

Season tickets are the best!
Download the 2016-2017 order form and choose your seats

They offer the best price, best choice of seats, best options.

  • Can’t come to 1 or 2 shows? We understand you may go away for the winter, or have other commitments at certain times of the year. If you use this form to order tickets for 2 or moreshows, we’ll still give you the season ticket price.

  • Can’t commit to a certain night? Plans change. Schedules fill up with other priorities. WRCT is
    always happy to exchange your tickets for another performance, at no charge to you. Don’t
    let the fact that you don’t know your schedule stop you from getting the best pricing


Tickets available at the WRCT office


We offer more than theatre tickets!

WRCT is a nonprofit organization consisting of people just like you. As the proceeds from ticket sales cover only a portion of our expenses, we rely on the generosity of our patrons to be able to bring quality live theater to the Wisconsin Rapids area.

You can purchase the following:

  • Seroogy's chocolate bars are always available for purchase during office hours. Single bars are $1.50 each. If you'd like to purchase a case to sell at your place of employment, garage sale, special event, etc., a case is $72. You can then set your own price and keep the profits!

You can lend a hand:

  • Sign up for the Sustaining Membership Program. Your sustaining contribution of $250 will make it possible for WRCT to continue to offer quality local productions well into the future, despite the unpredictability of external conditions. Being a member of the Sustaining Membership Program says you acknowledge the importance of arts in the life of any community.

  • Play Money: A Cultural Exchange. Donate your foreign coins and bills to WRCT.

Our office is located at...
East end of the Rapids Mall
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495