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WRCT Youth Theatre




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WRCT offers two distinct opportunities for youth theatre: our Summer Youth Production, and a workshop/performance event by Hopo Productions. Either is a great opportunity for kids to get involved with the art of theatre!

WRCT Youth Productions are an exciting opportunity for young people of all ages! It gives young people a taste of the theatre, and lets them gain confidence in front of people. Some of our youth actors even get involved during our regular season plays. It is a known fact that children who participate in the fine arts generally grow up to be well-rounded citizens with an greater appreciation of music, art, theater, and other fine aspects of life. By encouraging children to be involved in theater, we give them a change to learn the value of hard work while developing a wonderful sense of camaraderie and imagination


Theater can be a great hobby for children of ALL ages!

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Encourage your children to participate in the arts—
it's a gift they'll enjoy their entire lives!