Third place finisher at the 2013 American Association of Community Theatre National Festival with our production of Cradle and All

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WRCT Youth Theatre


The WRCT Summer Youth Production:

Anne of Green Gables

By Tim Kelly


Directed By Kayla Jukich and assisted by Grace Sprehn

Production dates:
July 13-15

CAST LIST (In order of appearance, from left to right)

Earl - Blake Ziegler Roy Boy - Jon Lager Maw Cawawkee - Trinity Pearson

Cordelia Hawkins - Emily Krings

Swampy - Corbin Giese
Betty - Allyah Jennings Suky - Dana Tritz Eva - Ella Panter Ted - Brandon Winter Mabel - Jaydah Davis
Louise - Miranda Steinkamp Tom - Gavin Giese Mildred - Adrienne Scheide Doris - Anna Bouchard Chic - Niamh Sweet
Mickey - Gavin White Buddy - Harrison Zacher Lynne - Ava Etheridge Vickie - Sarah Panzer Mrs. Crawford - Lily Klingforth
Wednesday - Alayna Kliewer Barbara - Hailey Fuller Cap'n Kidd - Kiya Miller Lieutenant Sutton - Jack Kiersey Petty Officer Jones - Carsten Mueller
Frosty Always - Emma Webb Robin Samson - Taylor Swanson Mrs. Smith - Ambrielle Mueller Mrs. Snow - Rainey Millicent - Barb Brazeau
Winifred - Alexis Byes        
  Director - Kayla Jukich; Asst. Director - Grace Sprehn  

THE STORY: Cordelia Hawkins and her children must do something to earn some money on their hurricane devastated island, Kokonut Island.  The family decides to open Kokonut High, a private high school that guarantees a diploma to every student (in exchange for a hefty tuition fee, of course!).  Along with the handful of students that show up, a crime syndicate also comes to the island and wants to take it over.  Adding another layer of hilarity, the ghost of Cap’n Kidd shows up, demanding that everyone get off his island...  or else!  Swampy, an eccentric island resident with a drop of genuine pirate’s blood in his heritage, is the only one who can see him.  No wonder everyone thinks Swampy is cuckoo on Koko!  A mad crew of characters walks the island:  outraged parents, long-lost guests, carefree students, Coast Guard personnel and two girls who think they’re going to marry the same boy (they’re not).  Plus, who can ignore the lady in a fur coat and someone trying to pass herself off as the Russian Princess Anastasia?!  Matters go into high gear when an accreditation team from stateside shows up demanding to meet the faculty.  Since there isn’t any, what to do?  Sides will split with laughter when events build to an uproarious finale.  This show boasts fast action, jokes galore, and a plot that moves like a hurricane.


The WRCT Summer HOPO Production:

by Charlie Lovett

Directed by Stephanie Hoerth

CAST LIST (In order of appearance, from left to right)

Prologue #1 - Katie Panzer Prologue #2 - Niamh Sweet Oregano - Carli Swan

Carpaccio - Jaydah Davis

Risotto - Ava Etheridge
Prosciutto - Ambrielle Mueller Antipasto - Gabby Kelly Pesto - Sophie Hasenohrl Mayo - Aniyah Davis Louie - Gavin Giese
Lord Capulet - Ryan Vollert Lord Montague - Ryan Hustedt Lady Capulet - Jenny Rose Lady Montague - Hailey Fuller Benvolio - Jon Lager
Nurse - Rebecca Steinkamp Petruccio - Quentin Condie Samson - Max Kiersey Abraham - Anna Bouchard Balthasar - Adrienne Scheide
Vinnie - Trinity Pearson Nick - Taylor Swanson Tybalt - Jack Kiersey Mercutio - Wyatt Jensen Peter - Kaelyn Kester
Bob - Carsten Mueller Gregory - Camden Mueller Officer Escalus - Emily Krings Romeo - Damien Joslin Gucci - Amanda Kester
Versace - Sarah Panzer Shylock - Dana Tritz Max - Mandy Steinkamp Winifred - Anna Kelly Friar Laurence - Corbin Giese
Director - Stephanie Hoerth; Assistant/Stage Manager - Gavin Giese


Rehearsals for “Romeo and Winifred” are July 24th & 25th and July 30th - August 3rd, with performances on August 4th & 5th.




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WRCT offers two distinct opportunities for youth theatre: our Summer Youth Production, and a workshop/performance event by Hopo Productions. Either is a great opportunity for kids to get involved with the art of theatre!

WRCT Youth Productions are an exciting opportunity for young people of all ages! It gives young people a taste of the theatre, and lets them gain confidence in front of people. Some of our youth actors even get involved during our regular season plays. It is a known fact that children who participate in the fine arts generally grow up to be well-rounded citizens with an greater appreciation of music, art, theater, and other fine aspects of life. By encouraging children to be involved in theater, we give them a change to learn the value of hard work while developing a wonderful sense of camaraderie and imagination


Theater can be a great hobby for children of ALL ages!

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Encourage your children to participate in the arts—
it's a gift they'll enjoy their entire lives!